AFSDI scope

AFSDI is the Agro-Food Spatial Data Infrastructure initiative of FAO, UNEP, ITC, PBL and UNSDI-NCO, aiming at the establishment of the first operational infrastructure component of UNSDI. AFSDI will deliver:

  • a world-wide SDI, focussing on Agro-Food and Water
  • a Geospatial Data Warehouse containing over 300.000 freely accessible geospatial data layers
  • a suite of open source software tools to enable countries or regional centres to build their own SDI.

AFSDI documents

AFSDI status

Since its inception, the UNSDI community has been looking for means of implementing the infrastructure with its accompanying building blocks. To this end external funding has been sought, of which AFSDI was the first one. AFSDI was to be funded by the Netherlands. Due to FAO internal clearance issues by their Geospatial Coordination Board, this initiative has been discontinued.