Capacity strengthening through on-site and/or distance knowledge sharing, education and training courses, advise, harmonization of activities with local decision makers and staff of SME’s and NGO’s dealing with management and/or monitoring of natural resources. Education and training in relevant application areas addressing the national development agendas. Additionally support National Governments in setting up the required organizational infrastructure and policies.

Institutional development

The aim of institutional development is to establish and/or improve the institutional set-up and capability of educational and professional organisations specialising in geo-information handling and earth observation.

Advisory services

Examples of advisory services include:

  • support for the development of management information systems, with particular regard to the design and implementation of information systems based on remote sensing and GIS
  • advice on surveys related to aerospace, topography, geosciences and natural resources
  • market studies, needs assessments, zoning studies, environmental assessments and regional development plans
  • project identification, formulation and design (including feasibility studies and cost assessments), and project monitoring and evaluation

National SDI Policy and Government support

We can assist in:

  • Setting up National, Regional and Local Government networks
  • Drafting of national development agendas
  • Policy development
  • Establishing the required organizational infrastructure