About us

We, the Netherlands Coordination Office for UNSDI (UNSDI-NCO), are established in 2007. We are the national liaison between the United Nations, UN Member States and Netherlands ministries, institutes, universities, NGOs, SMEs and (multi-national) enterprises. We also run the national UNSDI Geonetwork portal.

Whether you might need support in getting high-quality specific application oriented geographic information, SDI knowledge or education and training, UNSDI-NCO will support you in linking you to the appropriate partner.

Our mission

UNSDI-NCO's mission is to world-wide contribute to the disclosure of free geographic information, GIS and SDI software, sharing of knowledge and experience in order to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and application areas listed at the Services page, thus aiming at contributing to the decrease of world inequality and sustainability of our planet.

Who is interested

As you can see below you are not the only person interested in UNSDI or our activities. You are the white blinking spot, but you are surrounded by peers, world-wide!